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Paul Wesley needs our help!

Paul Wesley humbly asks for donations to help his friend Maggie, who is suffering from a brain tumor and can’t keep up with the medical bills. Any amount helps! For your support Paul has offered a TVD poster signed by the cast and a personal video call from him to the top three donors, as well as signed TVD posters for three randomly selected donors. [x

To donate click here.

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Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev EW Interview - Comic Con 2014

Paul Wesley Interview at SDCC, July 26 (x)


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Paul Wesley crashes The Originals Panel at Comic-Con 2014 thanking the crowd for the birthday wishes. (x)

Would you be caught dressing up on a convention floor? 

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Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin at Comin Con (July 25,  2014)

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TVD Cast - TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Yacht 

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Nina Dobrev + fans

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Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley | SDCC 2014 MTV Live Interview

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